If you have been injured on the job it is absolutely vital that you contact a workers compensation attorney in order to ensure that you get the financial assistance that you need. Two reasons to hire a workers compensation attorney are to increase your chances of filing a successful claim and protect yourself from being fired.

Increase Your Chances Of A Successful Claim

One of the hardest parts about applying for workers compensation is that there is a lot of red tape involved that can easily cause your claim to be delayed or denied. However, a workers compensation attorney from a firm like Marzella RJ & Associates will be able to use all of his or her professional expertise to ensure that the initial application is completed correctly.

In addition, an attorney will be able to help you prepare your case in such a way as to greatly increase your chances of having a successful claim. For example, your attorney can refer you to multiple qualified doctors in order to have several medical opinions on hand to submit with the initial application, or to submit in the event that your initial claim is denied.

This will also help you if you are told to visit a specific doctor by your employer or their insurance company. In many cases, an insurance company will try to get you to visit a doctor that they refer you to because that doctor has a history of helping them get workers compensation claims rejected. However, having multiple opinions from other doctors can help offset the opinion of the one that your employer or their insurance company provided.

Protect Yourself From Being Fired

Finally, an attorney can help you avoid being unfairly terminated by your employer. It is not uncommon for an employer to attempt to fire someone after a workers compensation claim is filed in order to avoid having to pay the claim. While your employer cannot fire you for filing the claim, they will often try to terminate you by using some reason as justification. 

In addition, your attorney can protect you in the event that your employer attempts to get you to quit. An example of this would be if your employer gave you lighter tasks in line with your physical capabilities after your injury, but made sure that those lighter tasks were as unpleasant as possible. 

Speak to a workers compensation attorney today if you have been injured while at work. The attorney will be able to help you in the event that your employer tries to fire you in retaliation for filing a claim, while also increasing your chances of a successful workers compensation claim.