If your social security disability claim is denied, taking steps towards putting through an appeal is a must. A social security disability claims lawyer can guide you through the process that will be needed for your appeal. Moving towards your social security disability appeal process will involve a few different initial steps to get started. Here are the four things to do right away if your disability claim has been denied.

1. Always Appeal, Don't Refile

Refiling a similar claim can often lead to a similar denial. By reviewing your case with your social security lawyer, you can find out what went wrong and specifically address these issues. Simply refiling a similar case will not hold as much weight and often will just be denied if you don't address the concerns in your initial claim.

2. Source a Lawyer to Walk You through the Appeal Process

An appeal will involve some expert advice and know-how. If your initial claim has been denied, social security disability lawyers are there to do the heavy lifting for you to prepare for an appeal. Trying to appeal on your own might get you back in the same dilemma you are currently in. A lawyer can bolster your case and get you better results.

3. Review Rationale for Denial

You will receive notice as to why you were denied social security in your disability case. Reasoning such as not enough documentation or no proof that injury limited work functionality are some common examples. If you filed on your own initially, make sure to hire on a social security lawyer for your second round. They can look through your file and see what can be changed to make your case appeal go through.

4. Quickly File Your Appeal

Work with your social security disability lawyer quickly to get your appeal on record and the process started. In order to have your case reviewed and hopefully accepted, an appeal must be made within 60 days. Don't delay getting an appeal going in the courts. Acting fast will make sure that your appeal is even possible. If you have joined up with a seasoned lawyer they will be able to quickly update your case case file and get your appeal submitted.

Having a lawyer help you appeal a disability claim is the best chance for a successful appeal process. A law firm such as Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith can help prove how serious you are about your claim, since you will have the know-how of a lawyer to back up all details. Don't get taken advantage of by your work and accept a denied claim if you truly should be receiving social security benefits for disability.