The playground bully has long been a staple of comic books and television shows. In fictional venues, the bully is usually defeated, and the good guy wins the day. Unfortunately, real life is more complicated. If your child is bullied, they can suffer physical and emotional injuries. Once you become aware of the problem, you need to act quickly to protect your child.

Types of Bullying

All children get into occasional disagreements with their classmates, but bullying goes beyond the usual conflicts between students. Children are being bullied if they are being sexually harassed. Kids can be crude, but any unwanted sexualized behavior directed at your child is bullying and needs to be addressed immediately. If your child is physically attacked at school, they are clearly being bullying, but even being threatened with harm falls under this category. Children have the right to feel safe while they are at school. Excessive teasing, demands for money, and name calling are also common methods used by bullies. 

School Authorities

Your first response should be to contact the proper authorities at your child's school. Their teacher is the obvious place to start, but you should also go higher up the administrative chain. Ask to meet with the principal or whichever administrator is in charge of discipline. When you do meet with the principal, bring a list of the bullying behavior and include names, dates, and times if possible. Calmly express yourself and write down the principal's response to your complaint. You should expect the meeting to go well because most school officials have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. 

Legal Recourse

If the bullying does not stop, you should file a formal complaint with the school district. Your district has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child. If the situation does not improve, you need to consult with an education or personal injury lawyer. Many states have laws protecting your child from this harassment. If your school system does not follow the law, you will have grounds for a civil lawsuit. 

Bullying is a complex problem and seldom has an easy resolution. You need to stay calm and take action to protect your child. If the school district does not resolve the situation, you need the help of an expert attorney. Your child deserves to have a carefree and safe educational experience. For more information, contact Kiernan Personal Injury Attorneys PA or a similar firm.