Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. When they occur at a place of business, the course of action usually seems pretty clear. You want to have the medical costs for your injuries covered and receive compensation for any pain and suffering that occurred as a result of your accident. Having a slip and fall occur at a friend or family member's home may be a bit more complicated. You may be hesitant to file a claim for your injuries, but there are a few things you can do to get the compensation you deserve while preserving your relationship. Here are a few things to keep in mind after your slip and fall accident.

Don't Discuss The Accident

Do not discuss the accident with the homeowner. You may be tempted to say it was your fault or otherwise apologize to help relieve any tension that results from the accident. It is possible that anything you say could be brought up later if you do decide to seek legal action to get compensation for your accident. You can, however, ask for the homeowner's insurance information and ask for immediate medical assistance. You shouldn't, however, end communication with your friend completely. In fact, you can still visit with each other, text or speak on the phone just as you always have.

See A Physician

Even if the injuries don't seem serious at first, you should visit your doctor or an urgent care facility to seek medical treatment. Some injuries may not be outwardly visible, and having the medical documentation of any breaks, sprains, tears or other injuries will be important when you seek compensation. You may be hesitant to visit the doctor because you don't want your friend or relative thinking that you are trying to cause a problem, but your health should be your primary concern. Do not discuss the results of your visit with the homeowner. Your lawyer can help you with any communication so your interests are protected at all times.

File A Claim With The Insurance Company

If your friend or relative has homeowner's insurance, you don't have to sue them personally to get compensation for your accident. You can simply file a claim through the homeowner's insurance company. This can help to ease any tension between you and your acquaintance. A slip and fall lawyer can help you to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company to cover the costs of your medical care as well as compensation for other accident-related expenses. In the event that your friend or relative does not have homeowner's insurance, your lawyer can help with the delicate process of filing a lawsuit to cover your medical expenses.