A personal injury trial need not be a long and drawn out process. There are instances where you can make this process end much more quickly than it would normally proceed. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a bit about the process of an expedited trial and how it relates to personal injury cases. As with all personal injury related issues, you should consult with your personal injury attorney, like those at King Law Firm, for more robust information on the subject.

What Is An Expedited Trial?

An expedited trial, in the context of a personal injury case, is a trial that streamlines the entirety of the trial process and will ensure that a judgment will be reached in one day. Expedited trials are essentially the same as any other personal injury trial, save for the fact that they move at an incredibly quick pace. It is recommended that you consult with your personal injury attorney in order to discover whether or not your state allows for expedited trials or if an expedited trial is even appropriate given the contingencies of your case.

What Are The Ideal Conditions For An Expedited Trial?

Simply put, the ideal conditions for an expedited trial occur when both defendant and plaintiff agree to expedition, and both wish for the proceedings to move as quickly as possible. There may no be objective "ideal conditions," per se, but consent on both sides usually is enough to constitute the trial moving forward as quickly as possible.

When Can You Expedite A Trial?

You should first ask your lawyer whether or not your state allows for an expedited trial. If yes, then both defendant and plaintiff must agree to the conditions of an expedited trial. This puts some restrictions on both parties during the trial's proceedings and strategies that your personal injury attorney may have been able to provide during your case may not be usable in the confines of an expedited trial. For example, both parties must keep argumentation limited, and the case must be presented to the court in a swift manner. Motions and appeals in expedited trials are also limited.

An expedited trial can be convenient, especially if both parties wish for the case to end as quickly as possible and a judgment to be made at a fast pace. Hopefully, this brief primer has given you a few answers to some questions you had about the process of an expedited personal injury case.