When you are injured in a car accident, the first thing you may think is to sue the other driver. However, what if you are hit by a public bus? Suing a public transportation agency can be difficult because of the high threshold for negligence. Going up against public agency lawyers can be extremely difficult, especially since public agencies typically claim sovereign immunity. An auto accident attorney can help you file a claim against the public transportation agency and increase your chances of success. Here are ways an auto accident attorney can help if you are hit by a public bus.

1. They Can File a Claim Against the Public Transportation Agency

An auto accident attorney can help to gather evidence to support your claim. This may include photos of the accident scene, witness statements, and any available video footage. They can also help to assess the damages you have suffered and calculate a fair settlement amount. Additionally, an auto accident attorney can negotiate with the public transportation agency on your behalf and file a lawsuit if necessary.

2. They Can Research the Negligence Threshold for Public Transportation Agencies

One of the ways your attorney can help is by researching the negligence threshold for public transportation agencies. This threshold is the level of care an agency must meet to be considered legally responsible for an accident.

Even public agencies have a duty of care. For example, a public transportation agency must ensure that its buses are properly maintained, and its drivers are properly trained. If the agency fails to do so, it may be liable if an accident occurs. If the lawyer can show that the agency fell below this threshold, then you may be able to recover damages.

3. They Can Research Ways To Get Around Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign immunity is a legal doctrine that shields public entities from legal liability. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and an auto accident attorney will know how to navigate the law to find them. Furthermore, they can assist you in gathering evidence and building a strong case on your behalf. If you have been injured in a collision with a public bus, don't hesitate to reach out to an experienced auto accident attorney for help.

4. They Can File a Lawsuit Against the Public Transportation Agency

If the public transportation agency is found to be at fault for the accident, your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf. This may be necessary to recover the damages you deserve. Your lawyer will know how to navigate the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you are hit by a public bus, you may wonder if you have any legal recourse. The good news is that you are entitled to your rights even against public agencies. Consult an auto accident attorney to figure out how to get justice.